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PIPPA FESSANT was the team player sho didn’t quite fit in (think the only one in a nudist colony to own a trench coat).  She was easily bored unless things were challenging but was able to hide it because she had the rare ability of being able to yawn with her mouth full.
Di Meyers


RHONDA SMOTHERS had dreams of being a very successful children’s author, using words that children used, but those which rarely got into print.  She firmly believed that, in this world, saying “excuse me” no longer got you anywhere, compared with “out of my way I’m going to puke”.
Carol Burls

AzALEA PRINGLE made up the trio who’d worked together in the high-security softward division of a major communications company.  Her motto was “two heads are better than one – even if they’re on the same body”.
Debra Piturea

These victims of anti-female, company thuggery, received large financial settlements when their unit was closed down.  But what they’d been working on, pre-sacking, gave them much more satisfaction.  It was software that could be used to arrange very large bank donations to charities affected by government cut-backs.  That the banks were unknowingly donating when they’d just tightened up financially, was wonderful irony – not lost on our three do-gooders.

Then there are two more grannies, business partners, who run the Wild Tomato Tea Rooms … outback of which are several very healthy marijuana plants
Nerryl Hagenbach
Gwen Griffin

Add into the mix a veteran suburban newspaper reporter with aspirations to be another Leigh Sales.  Her nose for news takes her away from the normal lost dogs and local footie team, to sniff out a new political group being secretly formed – The Grannies Only Party (GOP)
Lea-Anne Grevett

Last, but certainly not least, is the BAM Nightly News presenter who covers the rise of the GOP to become Australia’s new government.
Dunia Tarrant

The cast of Every Crook and Granny is solid gold and features these highly experienced stage grannies – Debra Pitura, Gwen Griffin, Carol Burls, Nerryl Hagenbach, Di Meyers and Lea-Anne Grevett.

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The Indee Comedy Theatre’s Every Crook and Granny, laugh a minute season at the air-conditioned Yandina School of Arts, runs 4pm on Saturdays and 2pm on Sundays

Saturday, May 25/Sunday, May 26
Saturday, June 1/Sunday June 2
Saturday, June 8/Sunday, June 9

Tickets $28, concessions $25, Theatre Club Members $20

Table seating
complimentary tea and coffee
wine and snacks on sale.
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