John Burls

John Burls has been Writer in Residence at The Independent Theatre since its inception.
His major works include Parliamentary Privilege (entry in the 2000 Queensland Premier’s Writing Awards and archived in the State Library and the World Library), TV Signals, Hart the Musical, Nancy, Nancy II, Farting About in Make-up, The Firm, Up Eumundi Road (topical revue 1995-2013), Comedy & Consommé (3 new one-act comedies each year, 1995-2016).

His background includes nearly 3 decades in Sydney radio and TV (mostly concurrent) and included news reading, writing, acting, producing, disc jockey.  He has been broadcasting almost continuously for 61 years.  He currently writes (apart from plays) a weekly column for the Sunshine Coast Daily and a monthly nostalgia column for The National Senior Newspaper.

The Indee stopped competing on the drama circuit several years ago due to our almost full-time theatre commitments.  Until that time we had had a “charmed run” as they say with John’s plays, taking out many, many awards over the years.  Here are some of the best for winning Best Play and Actor/Actress awards in one-act Festivals.

Lennie and Lee (needs 2 incredibly good males)              The Earnestness of Being Important – 3m, 3f
Barney – can be  2m, 3f or 1m, 4f,                                     The Naked Flame – 2m, 2f
Mourning Tea  – 2m, 1f                                                        Potter is Mine – 1m, 1f
Altered Egos – 2m, 2f                                                           Plaything – 2m, 4f
Tenth Anniversary – 3m, 3f                                                   Sarina – 1m, 1f teenager
The Daffodils – 1m, 2f                                                           In the Wake of Harold Parsley – 1m, 4f
The Herb Garden – 3f                                                           Vonney and Clive – 1m, 2f
The Elder Berry – 4f or 1m, 3f

One-act plays able to be presented as a season 
Dead Funny is made up  of 3 one-acts and can be presented as a season.  Second Choice, You Must Meet the Folks and Dead Funny.  Dead Funny stands alone as a festival play and is a multi award winner.
Nesbitt for President is joined by Theatre Mannas, Another Gamble as a one-act evening.
Happy’s Last Smile adds The Home Viewer and The Bishop’s Crunch.

Full-length Drama/Comedy 
The Ideas Pool                                                                       Chain of Deceit
President Elect                                                                        Parliamentary Priviledge
TV Signals

Hart the Musical                                                                       Nancy
Farting About in Make-up                                                         Nancy II
The Firm

Topical Revue
Up Eumundi Road (20 years)

For Children
Hansel and Gretel                                                                    Robin Hood
Peter Pan                                                                                 Wizard of Oz
Alice in Wonderland                                                                  Cinderella
Hans Christian Andersen                                                          Wind in the Willows
The Reluctant Dragon

One-act plays $50 per performance

Full-length plays $120 per performance
If you have done a season of one-act plays and wish to take one of them to a Festival it is only $20 per performance.
Should you wish to perform 3 one-acts as a programme the fee becomes $120 per performance for the 3.